man had said so, too). These ways were called: back, butterfly, breast and free. To be perfectly honest, I must own that there were four other ways...sort of. They belonged to that other Sully I told you about in the last "Diary," and though he called them by the same name, they in no way resembled the former. There were also four divisions in the team; I was chucked into one of these and told to stand in the water. A lot of others were standing next to me. They were dressed so beautifully that I felt self-conscious in my sawed-off duck pants. Some of them had on the most gorgeous orange and black silks I have ever seen. I reckoned they were tiger skins at first, but, they were silks. The others had on silks, too--all sorts of colors and decorations. Someone named Richard Szuba had a green silk that came up to his neck. Suddenly I heard that same "Hut!" again, and the next thing I knew everyone was leaping off the bottom. I was alone. They were all down at the other end of the pond. But a few seconds later they came back, and a scale size seal by the name of Carol Danboise explained to me that whenever I heard the "Hut!" I was to follow the black line on the bottom of the pond. Then it happened again--"Hut!" So I followed that black line and, would you believe it, it stopped just about the time I hit my head at the end of the pond. Since then, I've followed that black line many a mile...and it hasn't gone anywhere yet....

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