group. We do not judge a person on the size of his father's bankroll or position, the location of his house, his religion, or his father's associates. We ask only that he be truly interested in competitive swimming, whether on a local level or a national. Of course the parents are an extremely important part of competitive swimming (where would we be without them?) but the kids are the working, vibrant parts that make U.S. swimming what it is today.

The last "S" stands for Sullivan-- our coach. It is Sully--that blond haired towel snatcher, slavedriver, and friend--that helps develop ideals while he develops our swimming ability. It is Sully that spends 1/2 of his time working with us--as a team and as individuals; 1/4 of his time entering us in meets, typing up team records, and thinking up new enticing ways to get us working; 1/8 of his time worrying about the team and the left-over 1/8 we gladly leave him for his own problems--like attending school, fixing four flat tires in one week, eating, breathing, etc. It is Tom Sullivan that helps make our team what it is and helps make each Tigershark a credit to himself, his parents, his school and community and a benefit to the AAU and the United States!

I'm proud to say, I'm one of the Tigersharks!!!!!!!!!!! (Ed. note: I'm not so sure you need that plural ending on Tigershark-s, Anon Y Mous--if embarrassment were perfume, I'd smell like a rose. But the first ten letters are, indeed, satisfying to read about ... as well as see at the pool)


Dear Sully: I'm sending you some info on how Foothill AC is running their program. Grade wise I'm doing a whole lot better that before. About 2.7 for 1st quarter. Hope I can raise this to a 3.0 or better. So until then hit me with a few lines, like about 10-30 O.K.? You do have time don't you? Ha-Ha. Just kiddin! Your friend, Rick Skarbo

Dear Rick: I can tell you're improving your grades. In "olden" days you would have abbreviated G.P.A. as "GTO", and thrown in a little sand from the beach. Stick with your (ugh) class in school and you'll find yourself in "world class" swimming. Sully

Dear Tom: We enjoy your Foam-Fare very much. Dr. R.M. Sanderson, Windsor Swimming Club

Dear Dr. Sanderson: That's a brave commitment--and a welcome one. SS

Dear Sully: Received your newsletter and enjoyed reading it. I was thinking of going to Pittsburgh over Christmas for a meet, but Murtagh broke his collarbone plus other reasons. I would like to take the team to your meet. Sincerely yours, Coach "Stix" Ballatore, Toledo

Dear Stix: Looks like its gonna be the best year yet. We'll save ya an end lane, but you probably won't settle for that. Sully

Boy-oh-boy!!! What a team, what a team! I just got your last issue of "Foam-Fare". I'm so proud of the team I could burst. Not only does Patton have top-notch swimmers, a great coach, and Mexicans: but it has that never-give-up attitude that just can't be beat! I feel like quitting school so I can come back and enjoy some of that old team spirit (Boy I sure do miss it). I guess you really let the air out of Motor City Swim Club's tires. Congratulate everyone on the team for me, they certainly do deserve it!! I'll be home for Thanksgiving so I'll see ya in a couple of days. Keep up the good, great, tremendous, stupendous, nuts! I give up, there isn't a word that describes the job you're doing with the team. See ya soon, and keep sending Foam-Fare, really is great. Mark "Mouse" Manrique, Mich. State Univ. p.s. I just can't believe that team!

Mouse--coming from one with as much team spirit as you've got, really means somethin' to the team. Remember the Alamo, and tell Dennie to disguise himself as a doorknob. Sully

Sulla--Diogenes: Yeah-yeah Guts. Just finished reading Foam-Fare over again. Sounds like the Patton gang really did a job on the Motor City Swim Club. Guts, yeah-yeah. To my dissatisfaction my talent is yet unsounded. Will this be the time?? I hope so. I got a letter from Bullwinkle last week and it sounds like we're in the same boat. The going to Crap Island boat. Well, Sulla are you taking any classes during the day or just what are you doing besides coaching at night? Write any good books lately? Remember when I told you drop a rope down here around Christmas me up? You better start linking ropes together


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