Article 146 c.1966
City Swimmers
Rule Ohio Meet
HIRAM, Ohio, Jan. 10. - Members of Detroit's Patton Pool Tiger Sharks cleaned up in an AAU age group and open swimming meet yesterday in the Hiram College pool.  
The youngsters bettered two national and 17 Michigan records as they competed against swim- mers from three other states. 
Bill Beiser's 1:11.1 in the 100-meter breaststroke set a national mark as well as a Mich- igan men's open record.  The other U.S. record went to the 13-14 boys age group, 400-meter medley relay team, made up of Beiser, Greg Penn, Gary Gottschling and John Sherk.  They covered the distance in 4:35.7.  The Patton records: 
Girls: (11-12) Irene Silva - 100 meter butterfly, 1:21.9; (13-14) Barb Church - 100 meter backstroke, 1:17.9 (Mich. women's open record); (15-17) Mary Lou Shefsky - 100 meter backstroke, 1:21.0; Joann Scarborough - 200 meter freestyle, 2:29.1; Joanne Scarborough - 400 meter I.M., 5:47.3 (Mich. women's open record).
Boys: (13-14) Gary Gottschling - 100 meter backstroke, 1:07.4 (Mich. mens open record); Gary Gottschling - 400 meter I.M. 5:26.2 (Mich. men's open record); Bill Beiser - 100 meter breaststroke, 1:11.1 (Mich. men's pen record and national record); (15-17) Ralph Richards - 400 meter I.M., 5:57.4. 
Relays: Girls: 400 meter Medley Relay 5:51.4 (11-12 age group): Boys: 400 meter Medley Relay 4:35.7 (13-14 age group) (Mich. men's open record and national record).

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