Article 150 c.1965
Patton Swimmers
Set Two US Records
    Two swimmers from the Patton Pool set American records in the women's and men's 200-yard breaststroke in the windup of a three-day meet at Chautaqua, Ohio, Monday.
    They are Joanne Scarborough, 14516 Birwood, who set a long- course record time of 2:42.9 in the women's breaststroke, which bettered by four seconds the record she set last year; and Dennis Manrique, 2658 Pearl, who set the men's record with a long-course time of 2:34.4.
    Miss Scarborough, an all-round champ, began swimming at the age of 12.  She has unusual ability to push herself and extraordinary endurance, according to Thomas Sullivan, her trainer.
Manrique, a freshman at MSU, started competition swimming at the age of 14.  He is presently a member of the Patton Tiger Sharks.

    According to Coach Sullivan, Patton Pool swimmers in competition with groups which include more than a million contestants have gained 62 national rankings.
    Gary Gottschling, 13, of 23881 Jerome, has himself gained 6 national rankings, with times good enough to win most school meets. 

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