Don Cox


Princeton, New Jersey
Photos: Foam-Fare Reference:

My Life After Patton:

Graduated from Western Michigan, served as a Naval Officer in Vietnam, graduated from Michigan with an MBA (John Powser was in my class), went to work in the Big Three, and swam in Masters, where I ran across many of the Patton swimmers. Dennis and Mark Manrique, Lynn Makonnen, Craig Dwyer, Bruce Norvell, Dave Dixon, Gary Laprise. Moved to Princeton, New Jersey, in the early 1980's to work for Squibb Pharmaceuticals.  Happily married.  Brought up six kids, who now live in Australia, Sun Valley, New York City, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Princeton. Currently work for Oracle.  Worked out at Princeton University and swam
until I was 45. Sorry I missed the reunion.  The pictures are great.  I recognized everyone.
Some Things I Remember:
Swimming at Patton raised my expectations in life.
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