Jim Klemanski


  James C. Klemanski (P24483)
  Klemanski & Associates P.C
  2211 S. Telegraph Road, #7388
  Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
  Phone: (248) 798-7916

  Email: jck@kaalaw.net


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My Life After Patton:

Much has happened to us all since those few and fleeting years of our youth. I have been very fortunate to have had a wonderful wife, Cheryl, five excellent children, Lisa, Aaron, Paul, Corinne, and our youngest, three-year-old Perry. Those early mornings at Brennan and long afternoons and evenings at Patton were a good training ground for fatherhood of a toddler in your fifties. We all enjoy physical activities. However the only "swimming" we do nowadays is in the kiddie pool with Perry's guppy class at the fitness center. I have fairly good health, a satisfying career and am finally learning how to use this computer. (8/00)

Some Things I Remember:

Most of the strong memories are of the hard work and sacrifices made to be a part of a truly unique athletic experience. It is impossible not to recall the water temperature at Rouge Park. It's a wonder we're not all blind from the heavily chlorinated water at Patton that we were exposed to in the prehistoric days before goggles. But there was real camaraderie between those age group swimmers that came from all over the metropolitan area to benefit
from the coaching talent and peer competition that fostered so many superior swimmers.


The notion of making choices and experiencing sacrifice to attain a goal is possibly one of the more adult lessons of life. Few of our friends at school or elsewhere could appreciate that lesson and benefit from it as we all did. I suspect that most of us are comfortable with the knowledge that we truly cannot have our cake and eat it too. Fortunately, I'll bet that most of us are also happy with the selections from the menu of life that we each have made.

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