(Steve Waszak's Diary cont'd)

to his pad; Klem went with Seaweed in Seaweed's car (seaweed also describes the car). Now I know what they mean when they say leadfoot leadhead Sully. But with Gary there to guide me it wasn't hard to find Sully's house. I asked Gary, "Hey, do you know how to get to Sully's house?" "Sure", he says, and two minutes later sticks his head out the window and yells, "Hey, Sully, what street did you say you lived on?" By the time we got there I was lost but good. We finally got the record boards into his house and up into his bedroom. Phantom stopwatch challenges led the way along the hall. And I guess somebody in the family is a TV star. My first glimpse of his abode, I must admit was startling. It looked like something out of an old Boris Karloff thriller. It appeared to me after numerous frustrated attempts at modern art Sully had turned to quieter things--like shadow boxing with his furniture. After assuring him that he would get the bill in the mail, I took my leave of Sully for another hectic day.

The above was accompanied with a bill for labor involved in moving 2 cast iron record boards. Damage nullified the bill, and were explained as follows: Ralph Richards-$200, compensation for one broken skull. He was mercilessly jumped by three of our workers on his way home for unknown reasons. (He'll know better than to volunteer our services next time.) Luckily he was injured where it wouldn't do him any damage. 16 plate glass auto windows, $250. Our workers were out of tune. Jim Klemanski - no work, no charge. Jimmy Teunas - $10, for guarding the merchandise. Mrs. Ceresko - $5 for refreshments; $10 for not calling the cops. signed, BIG BAD WOLF MOVING CO. (Ed. note: Ralph wasn't really hurt. MBC simply inadvertantly broke his Achilles tendons so she could beat him kicking.)

The next contribution comes from Joanne "Anon Y Mous" Scarborough: Who just may become the first mouse to compete in the Olympics.


The "T" stands for toughness. A Tigershark is tough in body and in spirit. He is strong, and he is true.

The "I" stands for individuality. This does not mean selfishness--for there is no organization with more team spirit than our group. It means each swimmer sets his own goal and works toward it with dedication and persistance, whether or not our coach is standing over him.

The "G" stands for guts! It means work hard, for success is not easily attained. It also means never, ever give up; for it will mean nothing to you if you settle for less than you are capable of gaining.

The "E" stands for efficiency. A Tigershark workout or our part of a swim meet can run perfectly smooth, for each of us knows what is expected of him and goes ahead and does it.

Ther "R" stands for reputation.--and it is a good one. Our team does not resort to unethical means to gain swimmers. The public knows we have a great coach and vibrant team spirit. We swim because we love it and not just to gain publicity, glory, or status. We have worthwhile goals and go about achieving them in an honest and straightforward manner, without politicking or promises.

The "S" stands for scholarship. Whether we are attending a college, a high school, or a grade school, we strive to earn the best grades we can. We know that a good education is one of the most important things in life. Often times, we have been a little late to workouts because of the schoolwork we must finish before our parents will let us swim. We agree with the Greeks whose philosophy was "Sound mind, sound body."

The "H" stands for heart. Every member of the team puts his entire heart and soul into his particular job--whether it is swimming, assisting the younger kids, welcoming the newcomer, or helping out the parent's group.

The "A" stands for attitude. A swimmers's attitude plays an important part in the quality of his swimming performance. The proper attitude toward working out, giving up a few social pleasures, and future goals must be maintained, or a swimmer cannot possibly do his best.

The "R" stands for reliability. A Tigershark can be counted on to behave properly wherever he goes. He can be depended upon to give others a fine opinion of his own team, as well as the entire group of Michigan swimmers.

The "K" stands for kids. Any and all children are welcome into our (cont'd next page)


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