Article 187 c.2003
In The Deep

"Look Ma No Hands," Harry Hauck seems to say as he surfaces from beneath the waters of Luquillo Beach with two bags of trash.
Despite all the rain and low visibility, marine environmentalist Harry Hauck and his team of Enviro Divers found trash under the ocean at Luquillo over the long weekend as they celebrated Earth Day, which was Tuesday. 
"This garbage was only the tip of the iceberg," said Hauck after the dive. "Most of the trash had been carried to deeper water by the high waves and strong current. 
"It never ceases to amaze me that beachgoers continue to pollute the very beach they use, said Hauck. Rep. Jorge A. Fuentes Matta's office kept the 15 hungry and thirsty volunteers fed and watered.
The trash included aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic products, as well as dozens of odd items. 
Hauck's been cleaning underwater since his first dive on Icacos Island in 1971. 
Now, he says he is getting the same amount of trash from his "third generation of beach polluters."

By Peggy Ann Bliss

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