Article 143 c.1963
City Youngsters
Win 2 Distance
Swimming Titles
Special To The Detroit News
AKRON, Ohio, July 11 -- Two Detroit girls won age bracket championships today in the National AAU long distance swimming meet at Lake Wyoga near here. 
Tina Solis, of Patton Pool, set a new record of 23 minutes, 17.2 seconds in winning the one-mile swim for girls 13-14. Mary Beth Ceresko, of Patton, was second and Sue Smith, of Northwest Aquatic Club, third. 
Julie Hawkins, of Northwest Aquatic Club, won the one-mile swim for girls 11-12 in a time of 24 minutes, 54.7 seconds. Harriet Turney, of Northwest, was second, and Alice Ceresko, of Patton, third. 
In the four-mile junior men's event, Dave Pohlonski, of Northwest Aquatic Club, and George Saldana, of Patton, finished second and third respectively to Peter Galavich, of the Indianapolis Athletic Club. 
The team championship was won by Northwest Aquatic Club with nine points (low total wins) while the Indianapolis Athletic Club was second with 18 and Patton Pool third with 36.

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