Article 138 c.1964
to Swim for
U.S. Marks
 Gary Gottschling, Patton Pool's lanky 12-year-old swimming speedster, will go after three national age-group records Dec. 27-28 in the Patton tank.
Last week he tied the 100-yard backstroke mark of 1:04.8 and has a clocking of 29.6 at this stroke for 50 yards, where the record is 29.4. In the 200-yard individual medley his best time of 2:22.4 is close to the record of 2:20.7. 
Gary, 5 feet 9 1/2, won the 200-meter individual medley in 2:38.5 and the 100-meter backstroke in 1:13.2 in the Hiram College age group meet Sunday. 
Alice Ceresko, 13, took the 100 meters butterfly in 1:16.1 and Laura Novak, 10, both of Patton, won the 100 meter individual medley in 1:25.1 and the 50-meter breaststroke in 43.6. All are district age group records. 
Tom Sullivan, 23, is handling the Patton Swimming Club Boosters team which is sponsoring the meet. Sullivan retains his amateur status and will compete in the breaststroke in the Christmas week meet open to all swimmers in this country and Canada.

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