Article 011 c.1963

Mr. Dennis Manrique 
2658 Pearl 
Detroit 9, Michigan
April 18, 1963



Dear Dennis:
I know that it is very discouraging to train so hard and to see your times not improve. I do feel that the cold water that you were swimming in at Brennan Pools affected your stroke and probably made you lose some of your feel for the water. I have found this frequently is the case with our own boys. When Chet swims in cold water, he loses all feel and actually his stroke goes bad. 
Under separate cover, I am sending you a copy of the type of workouts we do. We do not do such distances as you have outlined in your program. We concentrate on swimming 200s and under with very few 880 or mile swims. It is very difficult to say without seeing you swim exactly what is wrong with your stroke. I would recommend, however, that if your stroke has gone bad, switching to another stroke for a short period of time does frequently seem to help. We have had to do this with some of our swimmers. In some cases they have found their stroke after being away from it for a period of time. 
I realize that what I have told you may now be of much help. I, however, do think that you might benefit some it you were able to swim in warmer water or if you were able to train with shorter distances. 
Best of luck with your swimming this summer. If you could get Kenny Nakasone or Chet to look at your stroke, I am sure that they could make some suggestions. I am not able to do this because of NCAA rules. 


James Counsilman 
Swimming Coach




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