Article 090 c.1963
Tankers Make 

During the summer, Western swimmers participated actively in A.A.U. swimming.  The A.A.U. (Amateur Athletics Union) is a nation-wide organization formed to sponsor non-profit athletic events. 
At the Men's National Long Distance Championship held in Ohio this summer, Patton Park maintained its winning title for the second consecutive year.  George Saldana placed second in the strenuous four-mile event. By doing this, he made the A.A.U. All-American team in the long distance event for the second straight year. This team consists of the best swimmers in the country. Last year's team was composed of such swimmers as world record holder, Chet Jastremski from Indiana University, Minnesota sprint star Steve Jackman also world record holder, and Yale's world-record-breaking freestyle relay team.
Patton Park was also victorious at the annual Water Wonderland Meet at Brennen Pools, Western Swimmers participating in this meet were: Dennis Manrique, Rick Skarbo, Mark Manrique, and George Saldana. 
The Men's Junior National Water Polo Tournament, also held at Brennen Pools, was stolen by Patton Park.   The victors gained the title by defeating Oak Park from Chicago in the final game with a score of 8 to 6. Goals made by Western swimmers: George, high scorer, 4; Dennis Manrique - 1; Mark Manrique - 1; Rick Skarbo -1. 
When the final listings came in, two Western swimmers had made the High School All-American team. This team is composed of the best 20 swimmers in each event in the country. Rick Skarbo ranked as the eighth fastest high school swimmer in the country in the 100-yard backstroke and fifteenth fastest in the 200-yard individual medley.  George Saldana made the team by placing twentieth in the 400-yard freestyle.

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