Article 116 c.1969

The sport of water polo, once believed to be in the waning stages throughout Michigan, is now making rapid strides of progress and expansion, particularly in and through the efforts of the Michigan AAU ranks. 
One of the most enthusiastic campaigners for water polo competition has been Karl Lindgren, of the Detroit Department of Parks and Recreation.
Under his leadership a well organized program has resulted in the metropolitan area and through his initiative other dedicated individuals have helped to extend their enthusiasm for water polo throughout the state.

OSBORN'S TROPHY WINNERS-The Detroit Parks & Recreation's Osborn water polo team is composed of, from the left, front row, Fred Papciak, Mark Werner and Jim Mazur; middle row, Scott Hison, Mike Wright and Len Labato; top row, Coach Sam Hadad, Brian Nelson, Paul Staniec, Craig Hison and Stan Mijal. Rory and Kevin Dalton are also members of the team.
For three consecutive years now the Recreation Department, with Lindgren supervising the details, has held a spring and summer water polo tournament. The competition has attracted squads from throughout Michigan and from as far away as Chicago.
One of the foremost water polo coaches in the state is Dennis Hill, of Ann Arbor, whose teams have annually participated in the Recreation Department meets. 
Several other individuals have worked conscientiously and most devotedly to the sport's expansion and to cultivate more interest in the ranks. They include Sam Haddad, who coaches teams in the Recreation Department field, and Walt Lenard, the state AAU chairman of water polo, and Tom Sullivan, who coaches and plays a strong game.
Still others at the player level are such enthusiasts as the Manrique brothers, of Michigan State, who have encouraged many a fine swimmer to play and enjoy the game. 
Dave VanMechelen, Joe Mueller and Chuck Hall similarly have been scheduling weekend practice sessions and games. 
The Michigan AAU championships will be held some time in August at River Rouge Park's Brennan Pools in Detroit.  Outstate entries are welcome. For further information contact Walter Lenard, 20491 Damman, Harper Woods, Mich., 48236.

WATER POLO COACHING BRIGADE-Five of the most active water polo enthusiasts in the Detroit area are from left: Karl Lindgren, assistant supervisor of Parks & Recreation swimming; Sam Haddad, DPR swim and water polo coach; Larry Dalton, DPR swim instructor; Tom Sullivan, swim and water polo coach, an d Walter Lenard, state AAU water polo chairman and swim coach.

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