Article 117 c.1963
Laura Swims
In AAU Meet

Qualifying in the women's open 100-yard butterfly, Laura Frost represented the United States in the annual Canadian- American meet held January 19.
The meet which is held in alternate countries every year took place in Detroit this year at the Patton Pool. Last year the American team won an easy victory in Hamilton, Ontario. 
In order to qualify, a swimmer must have swum one of the two fastest times in the country. The A.A.U. then picks the two fastest times from those submitted. 
Many high school swimmers are not allowed to enter this meet because it is held when they are competing on their own high school swim teams. To swim it would cancel their high school eligibility. 
Four Detroit boys would have qualified last year if it were not for this: Dennis Manrique and Rick Skarbo of Western, John Savinsky from Pershing, and Ron Boyd from Mackenzie.

Laura Frost

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