Article 132 c.1965
Swimmers Eye
Barbados Test
Greg Golin, a fresh- man at Lessinger Junior High, will make his first plane flight on May 21 to Barbados in the West Indies. Golin and Doug Webster, a Royal Oak Kimball junior, will compete in an inter- national four-mile swimming race on May 23.

Headed for West Indies

To Make 2nd Trip
"I am a little con- cerned about how my eyes will take to the salt water," said Golin. "They tell me you have to work out several times before you get accustomed to it-that it stings your eyes slightly. 
" For Webster, how- ever, it'll be his second trip to Barbados. 
A year ago, the state high school 400-yard freestyle record-holder finished second to Eddie Glick, of Huntington, Ind., now a Michigan State sophomore. 
The margin on the one-two U.S. finish was about a minute and a half.  Glick was timed in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 30 seconds, while Webster trailed in 1 hour, 12 minutes and 10 seconds. 
That trip jeopardized Webster's amateur stand- ing. Before returning home, Doug was outfitted in Olympic-style apparel and given a transistor radio by the West Indies meet officials. 
Webster eventually was informed that the awards violated the Mich- igan High School Athletic Association rule.  He was advised that all would have to be returned.
 "As a result, Doug wound up with only a little plastic trophy," said his father. It was a mere token that measured only three inches high. If Doug is on the receiving end of any awards this time, he will have no part of them. 
"I would imagine the merchandise he returned was worth around $150. It was disappointing after realizing how other young athletes are feted in other states and other countries."

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