Article 029 c.1962
Patton Seahawk News

Harry Hauck, proud coach of the Patton Seahawks, entered his boys and girls in the Fitzgerald Invitational Swim Meet held last weekend at Fitzgerald High School. Weeks of hard conditioning prevailed as the Patton team swept into the various events composed of swimmers from all over the country. In the same token, the Patton swimmers also swept away with top honors, qualifying first in the field with 463 team points. The challenger and previous winner, the Lakewood Swim Club of Ohio placed second with 434-1/2 points. Along with the win, Patton also toppled nine state swimming records. The Seahawk winners were: 
Carol Danboise, 11-12 year old girls, 200 yard individual medley, 2:43.7 (state record); 200 yard freestyle, 2:26.2; 100yard breastroke, 1:21.7. 
Tom Szuba boys 8 and under, 50 yard backstroke, 37.5; 25 yard backstroke, 17.2 (all state records); 50 yard freestyle, 33.8. 
John Szuba, 9-10 year old boys, 100 yard freestyle 1:09.7; 50 yard butterfly, 33.2. 
John Allred, 100 yard individual medley, 1:18.2. 
Mary Shefsky, 11-12 year old girls, 100 yard butterfly, 1:17.6.
Doug Webster, 13-14 year old boys, 100 yard butterfly, 1:00.8. 
Rick Skarbo, 15-16 year old boys, 400 yard individual medley, 4:50.8 (state record); 200 yard backstroke, 2:10.1. 
Pete Adams, 15-17 year old boys, 400 yard freestyle, 4:15.7. 
Dennis Manrique, 200 yard breastroke, 2:32.5. 
9-10 year old boys relays: 200 yard medley, Allred, Enck, Szuba, Koch, 2:24.8 (state record); 9-10 200 yard freestyle, Allred, Enck, Szuba, Koch, 2:07.4 (state record). 
11-12 year old girls relays: 200 yard medley relay, C. Danboise, Shefsky, Ceresko, Szuba (state record); 200 yard freestyle relay, C. Danboise, Shefsky, Ceresko, Szuba (state record). 
13-14 year old girls relay: 400 yard freestyle relay, Allen, Ceresko, C. Danboise, B. Danboise (state record). 
The 400 yard men's open freestyle relay also was won by the Patton Seahawks and had a time under the National Age Group record. Pete Adams, Ron Boyd, John Powser and Jay Osrowske were the winners in this event.

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