Article 042 c.1963
Patton Girls Take Swimming Title
By R. G. Fleetmeyer

Last weekend coach Harry E. Hauck and his Patton swimmers won the Michigan A.A.U. team title for 16 and under girls. The meet was held at Fitzgerald High School in Detroit. 
The Patton team, behind in total points going into the last relay, won the meet with a final burst of power as Joan Makkonen, Sue Spilski, Linda Foster and Lee Davis brought home the last event-the 400 yard freestyle relay. Going into the last leg of the relay, Patton was behind, but Lee Davis, Patton's girl star and olympic prospect in 1964, picked up the deficit and gained some before she touched the finish. 
Lee Davis not only saved the day for Patton by anchoring the last relay, but she also took two other events; the 100 yard freestyle in 1:02.4 and the 200 yard freestyle in 2:16.8. Not to be withheld in the freestyle events, Patton's Joan Makkonen also won the 400 yard freestyle with a fine time of 4:56.6. 
In total team standings, Patton was first with 73 points, Detroit Turners and Women's City Club second (tie) with 65 points each, and Ann Arbor Swim Club third with 63 points. Onter teams were the Flint Olympians with 25 and Battle Creek Swimming Club with 12 points.

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