Article 107 c.1963
Stars Build Up
for Final Rush

This seems to be the calm before the storm in Michigan high school swimming. The top performers apparently are coasting, waiting for the rush that's sure to come. "As the state meet comes closer, you'll see a lot of these youngsters improve all of a sudden," predicted Ecorse High coach Pat Wallace, who tabulates the weekly list of top prep swim times for the The Detroit News. "Most of them could go much faster right now. They try to bring themselves into top form right at state meet time-when it really counts." Pete Adams, of Pershing High, is a case in point. Going into last season's Class A meet, Adams had reduced his time for the 400-yard freestyle to 4:13.2 in competition. He took more than six seconds off the existing state record in the finals with a corking 4:04.6. Where is Adams in the event now? Way back at 4:18.4-but don't bet he'll stay there. "The 100-yard freestyle is another event where we should see some fireworks," said Wallace. "I'm sure some of the boys hope to go under 50 seconds this season, and I think one or two may do it. "A good swimmer can easily go from, say, :51.4 to :50.0 or :49 something in one race with the right competition. But he might not be pressed all the way until the finals." Two Birmingham Seaholm performers indicated they are getting closer to tournament form this week. Freestyler Bob Wolf jumped into the lead in the 400 with a clocking of 4:12.1 and Don Spencer, defending butterfly champion and record holder (:54.4), got down to :55.5 in his specialty.

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