Article 031 c.1962
Patton Goes to U of M
AAU Swim Meet
Pete Adams Tops Time Score
In Michigan for 15-Year-Olds
The University of Michigan Gala A.A.U. Swim Meet was held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Saturday, December 9th. Of all the events, the one which climaxed the day was the 440 yard Freestyle in which Patton's Pete Adams swam an almost dead heat. 
Pete, a sophomore from Pershing High School, lost the decision to University of Michigan's team captain, Bill Darnton. The timers had Adams in a 4:33.0, and Darnton in 4:33.1, however the final judges decision went to Darnton. Pete's time, regardless of his second place, is the best time turned in by a fifteen year old in the state of Michigan. Warren Uhler and Tom Dudley-trailed Darnton and Adams. 
Adams' 4:23 today is 14 seconds faster than his best previous time in the quarter. Two weeks ago he had a 4:47 in an exhibition at East Lansing.
Gus Stager, Michigan Coach, described young Pete as a brilliant prospect. The 4:33 isn't a record, but it is the best ever turned in by a 15-year-old boy in Michigan.
Harry Hauck took five of Patton's boys to the meet, two of which placed in the finals. Dennis Manrique finished in a 2:31 for the 200 yard Breastroke, which is also a very good time for a fifteen year old swimmer. Other entries from Patton were George Saldana, John Powser and John Westcott.

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