Well, Pete, I guess you get me there. I tried every possible way to disqualify you. First of all, because your Special Delivery letter got me out of bed at the unearthly hour of 8:30 AM. However, since the local brass band (no kiddin'...a brass band) comes stompin' by every morning at 8:35, I let that point go by. Secondly, contrary to contest rules you sent only one sheet of Foam-Fare and not your entire issue. But that only means that I've got 2/3's of a reader left...and 2/3's rounds off to 1...and a reader is a reader, so.... Thirdly, you nailed me to the wall with your definitions--but (touché!) that was according to Webster's and as you will note on the back page, Seaweed Sully has his own dictionary, which, of course, I subscribe to, and in which, of course, everything goes. All things considered, I'll have to call you a winner, 'cause I admire cleverness and long for the day when I will meet up with it. Another winner was Mary Beth Ceresko (MBC). Her entry began as follows: "Oh, supreme editor...." Need I say more? Third place was a tie between George Laskowski and Jerry Richards. They were the first people to not enter. Smart alecks! Now for the big prizes-- which I hadn't anticipated making good on. It occurs to me that a few liters of hot air at standard temperature and pressure is a "big" prize. And, brother, I've just given you that....

Flotsam & Jetsam: If you're looking for a sporting event with a kick (and scratches, too) see the Women's Water Polo Nat'ls next year. I took the opportunity to go this time (all the way down to Virginia) and didn't regret a moment. Stan Tinkman, former Olympic coach and mentor of North Virginia Aquatic Club, hosted the two-day event which drew 8 teams from Michigan, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. His hospitality is of the same high caliber as his coaching--thanks again, Stan. NVAC "A" team took first, K.of C. Orchards second; Ann Arbor third; Patton fourth; Wilmington AC fifth, for the first five finishers. In fairness to our girls, however, I've got to say they convinced me they were the second best team there; and Wilmington AC, too, came out on the short end of a "three over-time period" game that could have moved them up one or two notches. So, while NVAC "A" was clearly the best, the next few places had all the assurance of coin-flipping to the spectators; they were indecisive victories that left the winners with a healthy respect for the losers. Dirtiest player was our own sweet Joanie "the world's fattest skeleton" Makkonen! Bone for bone she was the nastiest thing afloat, in one colossal game being thrown out nearly a dozen times (the first time anyone ever struck out on fouls). I thought she was going one length sprints for awhile: swim down...get thrown out...walk back. One of the Hungarian referees (NYAC Captain, Veg) summed it up thusly: "that's a great way to play...if you can get away with it." There were a lot of top men players and enthusiasts there, too, and so many nat'lities that it could have been internat'l competition. But the shock of the tournament belonged to Robyn Johnson, who made the mistake of walking into the NVAC pool lounge early in the morning. Patton's male faction used it as a bedroom for two days (best lounge chairs I ever slept in) and when Robyn opened the office door she came face to face with an unshaved, gaunt, hollow-eyed countenance peering out at her from the shadows like a Neanderthal man peering into the night. You guessed it--Harry Hauck.. .........P.S. You can come out of the car trunk now, Dennis. That sign we saw--"now serving Mexicans"--referred to a type of sandwich (non- human)........Women's polo is definitely on the comeback trail, as is the men's. A number of clubs are spawning teams.


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