could really tell the difference anyway. But that's life, I guess, and next year we hope to be able to buy sweatshirts from another school, in another town, at another nat'ls. Time will tell.


Flotsam & Jetsam: Water polo and long distance swimming split the spotlight this month. In the former, the Freedom Festival's "Mayor's Trophy Tournament" had everything except the mayor, who was to be presented with a four foot trophy at the conclusion of the games (it took four feet to carry it off). The two-day eliminations featured a number of Pan-Am Canadian players and one Olympic gold medal winner from Hungary. Talk about internat'l flavor, the only countries who weren't adequately represented were the USA and Canada; I've never before been sworn at in so many different I swore back in Spanish--with a smile so they couldn't tell. One thing is certain, when you hear names like "Otto," "Milo," "Bela," "Zoltan," and "Ian, " you know you're not up against the neighborhood crowd. Some of those tricks just had to be imported. I kept looking down and seeing my red/white stripe swim suit around my knees; and, baby, that was a new string that held it on (the Toronto team must've thought it was a rip-cord). Stan Pantovic (who goes to the same barber as Seaweed Sully--cuts his own hair) and Chester Heinez of Montreal proved that all the world's characters aren't on Patton's team. Windsor and Hamilton divied up the injuries, including a 2-stitch gash over the eye and assorted broken digits...Happy Healing, fellas! George yo-yo (up and back) Saldana kept the action moving for 2 days to aid the home cause, and Patton "A" pulled out the victory from some tight competition. All in all, it was an exciting tournament with every conceivable type of polo--sitters, sprinters, point-men, 2- handed shooters, grabbers and even goalies who had to wear sun glasses. While I'm on the subject, Chuck Hines, polo editor for Swimming World and editor of Water Polo News, sent some nice articles and data on polo a few weeks ago. Chuck is the player-coach of the Des Moines "Y" squad and over the past two years has developed and organized a tremendous program in his area. If anyone is interested in "How to do it," Chuck has a number of pamphlets and printed materials on the subject and can be reached at the YMCA, Des Moines, Iowa, for further information. He has fostered an organization which not only hosts and participates in tournaments, but is large enough to feed itself competition-wise. A system of inter-squad teams makes this possible. This productive league has attracted significant publicity and has proved a very gratifying enterprise in the Des Moines area. It is quite similar to the methods employed by Harry Hauck to build polo in Michigan over the years, and is probably the only real way to stimulate the sport..........The Hawk is pulling more than just his polo team together on the home front. A team and individual victory in the Jr. Nat'l long distance championships for women was added to the Patton laurels. Joanne Scarborough led with a record 1 hr. 10 minutes 38.6 seconds for the three miles, followed by teammates Tina Solis, Joan Makkonen and Mary Beth Ceresko. Tina also won the age- group mile, while Gary Gottschling took the boys age-group mile, and George Saldana garnered a second in the men's 4 mile Jr. Nat'l. Also impressive at the lake swim was David "Abdul" Sahagian, but then he was burning high octane fuel (his mother happens to be the World's Greatest Cook--thanks for the steak, Mrs. Sahagian).........again thanks to Chuck Hines for his objective reporting of he Women's Polo Nat'ls. Chuck does such a realistic job of description that he makes polo worth reading about as well as seeing. In almost any tournament there are close decisions, and often the difference between two teams is less than statistics and final standings would indicate. The very fair evaluation of Patton's play in the Nat'ls is, indeed, an encouragement. Congratulations for bringing the sport to life so vividly..........Jack Houghteling, editor and publisher of the American Swimmer, sent a nice letter a while back and mentioned that he had difficulty obtaining a complete Michigan swim schedule. From this it is easy to see where we're missing the boat


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