with whom he had a way, wherein he got down to their level and slowly brought them up to his...by afternoon he had at least three experts on Newton and probably many more, I imagine. Well sir, he won that audience heart and soul...and remained modest in the bargain. I notice how, for everything he said, he took his source of authority from examples. And more than once he observed: "I can't tell you what's right, but I can tell you what the great ones do and I can try to explain why they do it." He was a scientist, pure and simple...an empiricist, I think they call them. When the first session ended, everyone began putting questions to him. This was the first proof of his success, and he was glad to answer them, but one got the impression he gained as much from those inquiries as he gave in the answers. I reckoned what with all the young coaches fawning over him that he would soon grow embarrassed, but he took it in grand style, with poise and humility. It is easy to act like a god when folk revere you as one; this man had none of that about him, he was the kind you wouldn't hide your faults from, because he had them too. And you knowed he was the type who might cut down an adult, but melt before a child's tears. That night there was a party at Captain Hauck's--a regular Bacchus' affair. The conversation was all asea and the guests afloat, and along about 4 AM it didn't matter if you left by the window or the door. When the "good Doctor" arrived he was again besieged by the young coaches. He could've taken exception to some of their naive theories, but he didn't. He listened to them seriously, knowing he might help swimming by doing so. I've noticed a thing about greatness...that the men who have it usually have already swallowed their ego, and you recognize their greatness at about the time you recognize they aren't perfect. Well, that night I had to conclude "Doc" Councilman was one of the greats. I've seen the man through the bottom of a glass--the only real test--and know he's an all- around human being. I made it a point to shake his hand before I left, you can tell a lot by a man's handshake, and noted that he had that ability to make each shake seem sort of special...no matter how often it is repeated.

Spray: Alice Ceresko, just turned twelve, is wearing her "tiger stripes" a little more prominently of late. She set two state records in the fly (50 yds., 30.6; 100 yds., 1:09.6) breaking Lee Davis' marks, and also registered a 4:52.0 in the women's 400 free... I read in the paper where they found some nitro-glycerin over by Patton; it also comes to mind that Howard Scarborough said he had an explosive new plan to beat Hauck's aces...Patton defeated the Hungarian team from Toronto and U. of Michigan in water polo at Ann Arbor. Gus ran out of tape trying to repair injuries--get well soon, Chuck, Joe and Moose...if you're looking for a floor show, try DeRenzo's pizza parlor when Mr. Sahagian is there. After the last meet he broke up the team with laughs--there's nothing like a good belly-laugh when you're full of pizza. Mrs. Sahagian was the only one who didn't enjoy him, but she's probably heard those jokes before. ..Big Daddy has set his first record at Indiana--eating fifteen hamburgers at the local trough.


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