mostly stop. For each event was punctuated with long delays while the swimmers, first a boys heat then a girls, were organized. Hour after hour of long waiting dragged by and I heard many athletes say that they had been sitting so long they felt crippled. So I began to reckon that a swimming meet was a place where time walked on crutches, but the swimmers were handicapped. At long last my event arrived and I joined a group of other swimmers, who milled around one end of the pond complaining that they were too tight to swim. Still in all, they looked sober to me and every one of them made it to the line. Well sir, the meet had only preliminaries because that way it became possible to hold more events, and as everyone knows, the more events the more money for the sponsors. It was a good idea I suppose, with much to offer swimming. Why, I'll bet if a body could somehow get two ponds and divide up the meet, he could hold even more events! It is certainly thought provoking. There are a few drawbacks of course. I heard many swimmers saying they could not do their best because of the way the meet was organized, and still others said they wished they had a chance to swim in a final heat and that what was the use of training hard and sacrificing when one could not even loosen up within hours of his event. They went home tired and cramped and disappointed, but these were only the swimmers and the meet itself was a roaring success, I guess, for it made lots of money.....

Surf: "Portraits from the Past," #3: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" Answer... RON BOYD

Ron's, like many of the other portraits, is one which is not really from the past. Ron is still active, still swims and plays polo for us, and will be on the scene in the near future. At present, however, he is pursuing that great phantom--knowledge--at U. of M. which, I have been told, is a suburb of M.S.U. This doesn't bother Ron, however. Nothing bothers Ron. I have been playing cards with him at times when I thought a hot-foot wouldn't even bother him. But that was cards and not to be confused with life in general. Beneath that crust of soft insensibility lies a hard core of ambition and iron will. Therein beats a heart, a mind and a should synchronized with the effort to succeed. In all sincerity, Ron is a determined, modest, talented, persistent young man who has worked hard for his achievements and will always work hard to gain his goals. Who else but the brother of Carl Boyd could have played such a gallant game on the Jr. Nat'l Championship polo team from Patton last summer? Who else but Ron Boyd can always be counted on to swim for Patton wherever he is needed, whether he is in shape or not? Who has won more medals for more relay teams than Ron? Who else can you count on to be blocking the mirror in the boys locker room when you're in a hurry to comb your hair? Well, Ron is blocking the mirrors at U. of M. now, and I hope they appreciate him as much as ours did. He always did have a problem with "reflection." But around here it doesn't matter, 'cause nobody is more liked or missed than he is. So the best of Irish luck to you, Ron, and may you find the world as dependable as you have been to Patton.


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