But cryptic messages are worth less than experience, and a few minutes later a roly-poly equestrian in a red shirt (name of Abdul) was scrambling for higher ground, while his steed rolled happily in a delicious hog wallow at the edge of some saplings. Seaweed Sully managed to drag the original ol' grey mare to the far end of the pasture in something more than an hour, but set a track record when he aimed her toward the stable...........Chet and Stan (Montreal) say they did "Worse than ever" at the Canadian polo champs. Whatya mean "worse?" You beat us, didn't you?..........Ed Snelzer finally got hoarse--Water Wonderland meet. Somebody warn him: Izzy and Moe are back in town...........got a nice letter from Albert Schoonfield, editor of Swimming World, with this p.s. tacked on: "Come now, you really don't think Swimming World is cluttered with pictures!" (refers to Vol.I, No.11). Actually, I really don't think Swimming World is cluttered with pictures; actually, I really don't think! I just sort of say those things and sit back and sweat, hoping that everybody is as nice as Albert Schoonfield. After all, he could've sued, you know..........another nice guy is that GeorgeWendler. I phoned his candy store the other day--the one that keeps moving around--you know, just to see if it was on the level, and someone took my bet. All I said was "I'll take three gumdrops in an hour." Turns out "Three Gumdrops" went off at 4:00, paid $5.60 at Aquaduct. Haven't tried to collect yet, but then the Water Log is worth millions in laughs............Looking good in workouts are Scott Johnson, David Kee, Gary Gottschling, Dave Sahagian and Bob Tyldesley, new blood in Patton's veins, who show the same tenacity that marked the old crew: Adams, Saldana, Westcott, Webster, etc............. George Laskowski has a move underfoot to call female swimmers: "swimresses"................FLASH--just saw where "Foam-Fare" got some real ink. That nice guy again, Albert Schoenfield, put his reputation on the line by mentioning us in Swimming World. Bless you...my ego just came out of hiding..........Patton raffle tickets going well. I had trouble selling mine, until I found out they weren't "tickets to go see a raffle." Then the only guy I couldn't "hard-sell" was Osborn's coach, Howard Scarborough. He tried to make me a trade: one raffle ticket for an AAU patch that tells you what you are in red, white and blue. From a distance you stand a chance of passing for Olympic vintage. Still, I might have made a deal, but got suspicious when he went to the trouble of hand-picking a patch for me. It was one of those gizmos that change lettering when you tilt it in the light. One way it read: "Attention draft board: 1-A."


...and tear it in the process: No-one should be without a whole copy of Foam-Fare (or a hole to bury it in). If you would (shudder) like to have a copy mailed to you each month, just write to Foam-Fare; 3336 Cornell, Dearborn, Michigan.


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