"The Patton Chronicle"

Vol. II: No.2

Editor: Tom Sullivan (the village idiot rides again)

(...in memory of them what hitch-hiked to New York)

Breakers: from the diary of Seaweed Sully (in the style of Mark Twain).


he O-lumpic Trials they called them, though I'll own at first I didn't follow why. That is, it wasn't till I played "goalie" for Patton's polo team that the name took on real significance. These weren't the regular ranks, though, but two or three very-well- seasoned players and a parcel of youngsters who played like veterans (War of 1812). It was curious and perhaps prophetic that we never managed to get together for practice. But by and by we met at this place called New York. I allowed it was the strangest town I had ever beheld, what with all the


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