(200 m. fly and 1500 m. free) aren't on the roster, missed the Tokyo tour by a ripple--1:08.0 100 m. fly. Her teammate, Martha Randall, was perhaps the most impressive female there, considering the sudden drops in her times. She's closer than a shadow to the first place champion............new book on the market, Man Without a Country, by Murray Rose.............got this letter through the mail the other day: "...Last Thursday I went to the track. I brought three bucks along and bet on one race. It was a maiden race with seven horses. 'Sully's Choice' was the #1 horse. I bet, I lost. Came in dead last. Nice try, Sully.".............. judging by the quantity of polo news coming out of Des Moines, Iowa must be one big swimming pool. Congratulations Chuck Hines and follow fanatics. Viva la yellow cannon-balls!...............Joe Mueller's wife had a 9 lb. 11 oz. center forward, and immediately Joe turned "pro" to avoid conflict...........a word for the athletic potential of the older generation. Que.: Who do you think raced to the swimmers shuttle-bus first in New York when it stopped some 50 yards up the street? Ans.: If you said Counsilman and Wendler you win a prize...Saari, following his world record stint in the 1500, couldn't get on............you haven't lived until you stand up before a sea of faces and say: "...then we took the scuttle-but--er... I--ah mean shuttle-bus!..........got a testimonial from Mike Reissing who says he likes Foam-Fare. What other editor cuts your hair while you read his paper, eh, Mike. Sorry 'bout that sideburn. Mike has been keeping the Brennan girls on their toes with his rendition of "Is there a moon out tonight?"..........the most outgoing people at the trials were "Mowerson's-Minnesota-Men." (they were going out almost every night). Seriously (Ha-Ha), they really were friendly. Not that this is unusual for swimmers--but swimming teams in tough competition are usually about as friendly as an H-Bomb exhibit at the World's Fair...............issue no. 3 of John Devitt's International Swimmer was colossal and begins to rival the N.Y. Times for objective reporting. He takes an article (in this case, Buck Dawson's article on Cynthia Goyette's training) and follows with a pro and con commentary by outstanding Australian coaches. Presto!...emerges a forum of meaningful thought on the subject............I'll close this section with one parting stab at hilarity...changing my mind...I prefer to leave you with something more informative. Did you know that, while many men smoke, Fu Man-chu?

The Merger

The proposed merger of NWAC and Patton is in the planning stage. A preliminary meeting held Sept. 9, 1964 served to acquaint their respective memberships with the idea. There are many possibilities still open...and many factors to be considered. Should action be approved by a significant body, the proposal must then be submitted to Jimmy Moore for additional sanction. In the meantime, it behooves all those involved to withhold any actions and wait for definite steps to be taken. Though it may be confusing, a premature movement will benefit nothing and may prove irretraceable later. So stay confused! As Howard Scarborough says: "I feel more like I do now than I did when I first got here...."


...bad enough that one mind should be corrupted, so if this isn't your copy of Foam-Fare then nix-nix. But if you insist on degrading your mind, why don't you send for your own copy? Write: Foam-Fare; 3336 Cornell; Dearborn, Michigan. No, I can't pay you to read it...but at least it's FREE!


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