The Annual Patton Christmas Meet

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Entries close Dec. 17th, so send for entry blanks today. Write: Christmas Meet; 3336 Cornell; Dearborn, Michigan

Flotsam & Jetsam: Good news is that Joe Mueller couldn't stand losing his amateur status, so he resigned before payday. He didn't really need the money anyway. One Sunday he lost a suit during a polo game and it took us ten minutes to bring his money belt up from the about that Cynthia Goyette! broke a world record to qualify for the relay in Japan. The smell of Tokyo Roses must do something to couldn't have been occidental........... received a nice card from Dan Gambril, coach of Commerce, who says Tokyo was "even better than you can believe." I believe it.......... a letter from Chet Hinez and a card from Stan Pantovic assure me that Montreal is still on the map. Patton's rebuttal to their allegations (Vol. II: No. 2) must have made things hot for them in the free state of Quebec, because a second card from Stan arrived from Beverly Hills, Calif. Move over Lassie!...........Chuck Hines has put out his last Polo News and is now concentrating on his polo editing with Swimming World. But the Des Moines Water Polo Club still sends out a newsletter: "Polo Patter."'s that time of year again when we must argue about those high school rules from the 30's which handicap AAU swimming. Recently received a card from Ethel M. Burchett (Barracudas), Virginia, which reflects an even deeper concern: "What are we going to do with those state groups threatening to eliminate high school youths participation in AAU sanctioned events of any sport at any time during the year?" a letter and long distance call from Pete Adams at Harvard. Usually the first thing you hear from a freshman swimmer is "S.O.S"-- Study Or Swim. But Pete is doing both well.............Craig Tesch, new coach at NWAC, is running things smoothly. Besides having "a way" with kids, Craig knows swimming and is extremely conscientious. We've taken some hard "knocks" together. Like the time we were "roomies" at MSU and were sitting under a 3 ft. catwalk during a football game. My head still throbs when I remember the voice over the loudspeaker: "rise for the national anthem"..........................Congratulations to Ron and Barb Alsobrook on your new son. Anybody got a size "one" speedo? Throw a pink one in for Bob Moosekian. He had a girl............Polo Clinic put on in Cleveland by Arne Lagerkvist, Joe Mueller, Chuck Hall and yours truly had plenty of wind. We were sweating over having to fill a couple hours, but they had to


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