(Rail-Roadicus Subterraneous, cont'd)

Marc.: "It would seem so. His methods of recruiting are a credit to lobbying in the senate."
Diog.: "But that by itself is no error, Marcus. Consider rather the objects of such recruiting."
Marc.: "You mean natators who are already swimming under a mentor?"
Diog.: "Precisely. Recall the golden rule, Marcus, and that sport is a noble thing--an ethical striving for ideals--and as such needs ethics and ideals in order to survive."
Marc.: "And where must these ethics come from, Diogenes?"
Diog.: "From the participants themselves, Marcus, the natators--"
Marc.: "And what if they choose to defect?"
Diog.: "You use the word defect, Marcus, but a swimmer may justifiably leave. However, if he is, indeed, unethical it is of course unfortunate, though our problem is not with this participant who must stand or fall on his own merits, rather with those who would tempt him to be unethical, those who would work against the plastic values of our youth, in short those who would recruit from another team. Often, it is a parent, not the coach who does this....
Marc.: "And are there such?"
Diog.: "You yourself have told me of such cases."
Marc.: "That is true."
Diog.: "What methods were employed?"
Marc.: "Both direct and indirect proposals, wooing, giving of gifts and gratuities, the use of an intercessor for this purpose, taking advantage of the problems of others, among them."
Diog.: "This is bad. It can be the death of the sport, for it will be reflected in the swimmers."
Marc.: Marc.: "Is the outlook so bleak?"
Diog.: "No. There is much good, but we must be leary of the glittering, golden offer, for it is only gilt--fool's gold. Those who profer it are living a lie. Yet there are two paths still open. Let us take heed and chose the right one. We show by our actions whether we wish to follow the Golden Rue or be a Golden Liar...."



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