iately after the 100 fly came the 400 free in which Mary Beth had qualified first in a very close qualifying round. Due to the pressing conditions of the meet there had only been an hour between the prelims and finals. Mary Beth had swum a total of eight gruelling races with two more remaining. The referee said no rest, and up she went on the blocks once more for the 400 free. Teammate Tina Solis, winner of women's state championship for 500 yards and a 20 minute 1650 swimmer, was also in the race along with Golden Lions ace Sue Stuckey and also Sue Smith of NWAC. Sue Stuckey took a commanding lead, stroking evenly, a good 4 1/2 seconds ahead at the 100 and about 5 seconds ahead at the 200. Sue Smith was second with Tina Solis third and Mary Beth fourth. Mary Beth opened her first turns while the other girls flipped. Tina dropped back with her. The other girls had held a pattern from the start. At eight lengths Mary Beth began to find hers, turns and breathing both. She flipped two turns, picked up her kick and began breathing higher and faster. The gap narrowed. At the 300 it became apparent a real race was in the making. Sue Smith lost the count and began her sprint too early. Sue Stuckey, still in the lead, was holding her pace well and kicking in and out of the turns hard. Her hydroplaning flip turns were taking their toll of the other swimmers, but Tina and Mary Beth were gaining on the actual swimming. The 350 was anybody's race; but at the 375 Mary Beth began to pull it out, with Stuckey second, Smith third and Solis fourth. For the second time in a row Mary Beth touched home first, with teammate Tina Solis blazing home to touch second 3/10's faster than Stuckey..........interested in the colossal Hall of Fame for aquatics in Fla.? Contact Jimmy Moore, Considine Community Center...........decided to start printing letters regarding swimming and swimming personalities. Makes for more interesting general reading and adds one more "sounding board" to swimming media:

Dear Tom,

My sincere apologies for the long delay in informing you about the position of "The International Swimmer."

When your letter first arrived I was on my way to Tokyo and therefore did not receive your correspondence before mid-Nov. Following the production of "The Inter. Swimmer," a 16mm, 30 minute sound technique film was made and it was not before the middle of Feb. that I had time to catch up with correspondence. Sandwiched between then and now, I have been for eighteen days on a tour of New Zealand therefore correspondence is just not coming up to date.

Enclosed are the issues from Nov. on. I would like you to accept complimentary editions and I have informed Bill Lee that this is the case so if you aren't receiving the editions from this date, place your complaints, if any, with that Champion of Champions, Uncle Bill, 430 Cambridge Avenue, Palo Alto, California. Also enclosed are the $3.00.

Enjoy reading your magazine "Foam-Fare" and at times I have picked out quite humorous items which, I hope, you have no objection to my using for little items in my magazine.

Yours faithfully, John Devitt


Gee, no, John. Go right ahead. And please let me know what was funny. I'd like to use it again myself. Sully

Dear Sull,

Before I go to bed for the night I thought I'd send you off a little letter telling you that I'm still around. Well, so far in the new term everything is going along okay. Except for a little more reading, it's about the same as in the fall.

Last Saturday I went a 4:05 for a 400. I know it doesn't compare with the times done in Mich. so far this year, but I'm satisfied with it mainly because I never thought I'd break 4:10 this year. Who knows? if I swim against Shollander this Sat. I might go even better (either that or drown in his wake).

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