Flotsam & Jetsam: Sharon Hancock appears to be the next Tigershark to break a minute for the girls 100 free. Carol Danboise and Cathy Stidwell both share this honor. Sharon is at 60.1 and can't hardly get no faster without joining that elite club..............Joe "laughing boy" Fijolek and his motorcycle roar back into print with this anecdote (also antidote). Joe who parked his cycle in the lobby of a women's dormitory after driving through a 16 ft. plate glass window last Spring, managed to fall off said cycle at 55 MPH last week. "Har-har!" said Joe, "I didn't even have a crash helmet!" According to the state police who extracted him from the shrubs, Joe doesn't need one...............butterflyers Steve Waszak and Alice Ceresko changed their diet after hearing the expression: "you are what you eat." Ever hear of a "Flipper Steak?'...............Dave Kee and Carl Boyd claim they weren't aware that Seaweed Sully had fallen off the water skis they were towing, when they made 148 passes over him in Carl's motorboat which was leaking gas badly (so how come they handed me a lighted candle at sunset)?..........evidence that American Customs Inspectors are letting down at our borders is that Chester Hinez and Stan Pantovic have gotten through again. Chester was fresh from Europe, Stan was "fresh" in Europe. But both are back! Chester tells of the polo games against the Czechs, Yugoslavs, Swiss, Swedes, "belching' Belgians" and celebrations that followed (win, lose or draw) and of a party with two of the Rolling Stones in England..........Silva family (Silvasharks) leads in the candy sale with 237 boxes. You see them coming down the street with their wares- -about as friendly as walking into a library with a gunny sack. Irene (12) did a 1:11.4 100 fly at Hazel Park--six seconds to go...... .......Jim Pond did pretty good, too. Anyone who sells 18 boxes of candy the day after Halloween is pretty good. Jimmie rubbed his eyes last Saturday during the workout and said: "Boy! the murine is sure bad in the pool today!...........the top of the news finds that merger again: Golden Lions plus Fitzgerald S.C. plus Maple S.C. My hat is off to a nothing short of sensational effort made by our Tigersharks in knocking off this triumvirate by over 100 points at the Fitzgerald two day meet. Nobody told them they couldn't do it. Nobody'll be sure again. If we've got enough swimmers to fill the first six places, they'll bear watching... Leading the effort were 10 state records, as follows: Joanne Scarborough 15-17 200 fly 2:26.4, 200 IM 2:27.1, 400 IM 5:08.2, 500 free 5:52.4 (also an open record). Joanne also hit a 1:12.7 100 breast on the relay. Gary Gottschling (13) 2:13.7 200 back. Pat Holcomb (14) 2:41.8 200 breast (tied with Claudia Mazur). Bill Beiser (14) 2:29.0 200 breast. Penn, Beiser, Gottschling, Teunas boys 13-14 400 M.R. 4:11.7 and 400 F.R. 3:50.6 M. B. Ceresko girls spirited team captain also broke the state record along with Joanne in the 200 fly at 2:27.4 . It promises to be a good season..........there were countless other performances of vast improvement. To name a few: Greg Penn (14) 55.9 100 free, 1:03 100 fly & 100 back, 2:36 200 breast, 2:17.3 200 IM: Greg Golin 4:58 400 IM, 2:02 200 free, 5:30 500 free. Barb Church (13) 1:10.3 100 back, 2:33.3 200 back. Cathy Stidwell 2:33.6 200 IM. Carol Danboise 1:13. 7 100 back. Renee Rienas (12) 2:57.8 200 breast, but to name all is impossible..........Doug Webster took assessment of himself at the meet and finds a happy season ahead of him. Prevented from working out by antiquated high school rules, which contradict the meaning of school as synonymous with opportunity (not ownership), Doug nevertheless put down some impressive times for early season--2:11 200 IM, 2:09 200 back, 4:50 400 IM, 51.0 100 free, 5:19 500 free, 2:11 200 fly. Wouldn't be surprised to see those 200s drop 10 seconds and the IM potential of this lad is as yet unsounded...........Dr. Szuba's comment after beating the merged team was a classic: "we oughta change our name to gang-busters!"............ ....Richard Szuba is in trouble again with the animal world. Last year we named him "stick" and some dog tried to "fetch" him. Now he says they are trying to bury him! "Hello, 'bones'"................ brother Tommy (Casanova) Szuba put on 10 lbs. smoking one calorie cigars............and John Szuba remains his irresistible self.


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