(Flotsam & Jetsam cont'd): Tina Solis and M.B. Ceresko tied for the "Rat Fink Award" after winning it 10 times each. Tina challenged M.B.C. for it in the traditional way by slapping her with her gloves. M.B.C. didn't respond. Tina was wearing boxing gloves..............the phantom Stop-Watch has been leaving challenges all over the pool. And Jim "Klem" Klemanski answers them all. It doesn't matter that his backstroke got him on "medicare's list" or that his freestyle turn is about as handy as a glass-bottomed boat in the Rouge River, Klem accepts the challenge. The proof is in the pool, however, and Jim not only has dropped his breastroke times but hit a 54.4 100 free besides.............two other frogs--John Fortune and Brian Bates played such an admirable game of water polo last month that we thought they should be remembered in some concrete way--so we bought them a tombstone.............Steve Waszak who last Spring was going 1:08 for the 100 free hit a 60.2 100 fly at Fitzgerald.............Karen Hislop finally collected her orange shark tooth for her state record last summer............with everybody getting their driving licenses this year Patton has turned into a traffic trauma. Woodmere is the only street in Detroit where you can drive for 10 blocks and never leave the scene of an accident............well, time to get back to my new job-- lifeguard in a sewer project.

Notes in Bottles Dept.:

Dear Sully: We enjoyed your last issue of Foam-Fare. It is too bad that we just haven't enough room to reprint some of the items. Thanks for keeping us on the mailing list.--Sincerely, ALBERT SCHENFIELD, Editor Swimming World

Dear Al: Am trying to improve Foam-Fare. How do you get those glossy pages from your mimeograph machine? Kiddin' aside, I intend to corner the market on small talk. Congrats on the continuing scope and quality of Swimming World & Swimming Technique.-- S.S.

"yeh yeh Guts" Hi Diogenes: This place is really somethin-else. There were 4000 entering freshmen and they predict that 1000 won't be here at the end of the year. I hope I can stay around here long enough to swim. Sulla, did you see Bullwinkle before he left? I didn't have time to come & play polo that night. Is your heart still squeaking? Tell the gang I will appreciate all letters. I'd like to get some issues of Foam-Fare right away.-- GARY "Bullwhip" COOKE, Box U 1032, U.S. Carolina, Columbia, S.C. 29208

Bullwhip: How come you're living in a box? Yeh, my heart still squeaks when I laugh--but who laughs?--Diogenes Sulla

Sulla: This month's Foam-Fare is really wild. I'm sending you a picture of our assistant swimming coach. Have you gotten a letter from Cooke yet? He didn't send his address to me. Well Sulla, not much doing at the present, but later we have a football game: Butler. I guess we haven't beat them in 49 years.--DAVE SZUMSKI (Bullwinkle)

Bullwinkle: My heart's squeakin' again. 49 years!--S.S.


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