Italy Videos

An information page and sample videos of Italy are here.
Regionals Photos

Harbor Square Collage

team collage

The Brickman's in Tennis Week 2011 at the STC

                    and Maria

Thanksgiving 2011

Mariner Game 2012

STC 3.5 Men's Team vs. Harbor Square
at STC on Sunday, April 18, 2010 went down to it's first defeat in four starts and Dick Vitale provides some commentary.
STC 3.5 Men's Team vs. Central Park
in Kirkland on March 2, 2010, where Phil White led the team to it's third victory in three starts.
The Palm Desert Tennis Group

  Julie McDaniel and her Ace Tennis Vacations group offer great spring tennis camps in Palm Desert, California.

C&R Project 2014

Catherine and Richy's Project 2014

McNaughton Fence Project 2014

Isabelle and Charles's Wedding 2015

Joe and Stephanie's Wedding 2015

Wedding Slide Show

Julie and Doug
Julie and Doug
Palm Desert Tennis Group 2011    Palm Desert Tennis Group 2010

Jan takes a tennis lesson from Scott Moore at the STC with Michael Smyth running the camera

Michael and Mat skating in Seattle on December 13, 2009 in the Lake Washington Arboretum when we had a real cold spell

                      Huron & Canada Flags

Michael's hockey friend from Port Huron

Michael and Mat skate around the island in Lake Washington in the Arboretum

DianeDi's Birthday 2011
Di's Birthday 2011 (Dvix format)

Di Tennis Week 2013 (MP4 format)

JV8 Crew at the San Diego Regatta 2004 St. Joseph School Choir - Christmas Mass, 2009

Graduation 2004

Graduation 2004 from Holy Names Academy

                    from Europe 2006

Back from Europe 2006